Dial-A-Phantom Model DAP-1

Providing a simple and easy-to-use method to check fNIRS sensitivity, the DAP-1 employs fiber optics, optical filters and custom-designed light valves to simulate the high absorptions encountered during fNIRS scanning of human tissue. The typical system configuration is TX1 to RX1 set to a constant OD 6.7 (5 mW excite, 1 nW receive) used to simulate a large direct signal path, and TX1 and TX2 to both RX1 and RX2 being adjustable from OD 7.4 to OD 11.7 (200 pW to 10 fW) to simulate the small absorbance changes due to cortical activation. The 10-turn controls allow fine adjustment of the transmitted light, thus providing precise calibration signals to the fNIRS systems under test.

Custom Optode Adaptors

If your experimental setup requires non-standard ways to attach optodes, then MRRA Inc. can help. Our capabilities include custom mechanical engineering and on-site 3d printing, allowing us to produce small quantities of custom test fixtures for your experiment.

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