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The Genie fNIRS Cortical Activity Viewing System

The award-winning Genie fNIRS system consists of a main electronics block, transmit and receive optodes, and data transmission to an associated laptop computer via Ethernet or WiFi. Light transmission is measured at a rate of 5 Hz. The system incorporates hair-penetrating optodes for ease of setup and reliable data collection.

Seamless Data Processing

Custom utility programs are provided on the system laptop. The programs collect the data from the instrument and demodulate the signals during post-processing. A Matlab script is provided to convert the data into standard format for import into the Homer data analysis program. The raw data format is documented, enabling development of custom user analysis algorithms.

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Genie fNIRS System

Sensitivity: > OD 9.7
Wavelengths: 700nm, 850 nm

LED Power: 5 mW optical power at scalp per LED
1 cm hemodynamic reference channel optional
Optodes: Up to 16 tx, 32 rx hair penetrating brush optodes
Possible Measurement Channels: 1024
Communications: Ethernet or WiFi 802.11b
Control Computer: Windows laptop, included
Power: Rechargeable NiMh Batteries, 6 VDC
Run Time: > 1.5 hours

Dimensions: approx. 22 cm h x 11 cm w x 9 cm d
Battery Charger: 110/220 VAC
Sample Rate: 5 Hz

Optode Mounting: 6.35mm (1/4 inch) aperture

This instrument is for research purposes only. It is only for use by qualified researchers and under their direct supervision.

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