Genie fNIRS

The award-winning Genie system provides portable fNIRS scanning at a reasonable price point. Scalable from 4 to 16 dual-wavelength transmit optodes and up to 32 receive optodes, the instrument translates the latest developments in hair penetration, yielding 10x increases SNR as compared to previous optode methods. This greatly reduces the number of data sets rejected during post-processing due to poor optical contact.
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CAV-III Cortical Activity Viewer fNIRS System

The CAV-III incorporates advanced and patent-pending spread spectrum signal processing technology. Similar to the modern signal processing used in GPS and cell phone services, the technology can best be understood as an advanced form of lock-in-amplifier. Like a lock-in, the method allows discriminating signals well below the noise floor of other systems. Combined with our hair-penetrating brush optode design, the CAV-III pushes fNIRS measurements towards single-subject reliability.
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fNIRS System Accessories

NIRS accessories include solid phantoms for measurement validation and custom optode adaptors for specific experimental needs.
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MRRA Inc. Information

Our mission at MRRA Inc. is to support medical researchers with cutting edge measurement products. Our chief areas of concentration are in-scanner MRI patient motion tracking and fNIRS scanners. We have recently expanded out product line to include a portable battery operated fNIRS scanner with wireless data transfer for true mobile capability. We strive for the success of our customers by providing robust and reliable measurement results.

MRRA Inc. was established in April 2009 to provide a conduit for leading edge measurement systems research to end users in the medical research field. Call our seasoned applications engineers today with your medical research measurement problem.

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HT-2000 Headtracker for MRI