The fNIRS FLEX System..

The fiber optic brush optodes yield more reliable signals for subjects with hair.

Introducing the FLEX fNIRS System

Intended for use by researchers, the patented fNIRS FLEX continues MRRA Inc.'s award-winning line of fNIRS instruments. You may configure the instrument to meet your requirements with options including:

- Up to 32 Receive Channels
- Up to 16 Dual-Wavelength Transmit Channels
- Multiplexed Photomultiplier Tube Receivers
- Dedicated Photodiode Receivers
- Auto-Polarity Sensing External Trigger Input
- Trigger Output
- Up to 16 External Signal Inputs
- Switchable Brushed or Flat Optodes
- Glass Fibers for Highest Signal Integrity
- Comes with Choice of MacBook Pro or Windows Laptop

The unit features our unique hair penetrating optodes, which have been shown to increase signal levels by a factor of 10 and increase success rates from about 50% to about 100% for subjects with hair. The paper documenting our brush-optode performance may be viewed here. This instrument is for research by qualified researchers and under their direct supervision with IRB approval.

  • DC Power and Eye-Safe LEDs Simplify IRB Approval
  • Includes Data Conversion to Homer .nirs Format
  • Low Introductory Pricing

MRRA Inc. Information

Our mission at MRRA Inc. is to support medical researchers with cutting edge measurement products. Our chief areas of concentration are in-scanner MRI patient motion tracking and fNIRS scanners. We have recently expanded out product line to include a portable battery operated fNIRS scanner with wireless data transfer for true mobile capability. We strive for the success of our customers by providing robust and reliable measurement results.

MRRA Inc. was established in April 2009 to provide a conduit for leading edge measurement systems research to end users in the medical research field. Call our seasoned applications engineers today with your medical research measurement problem.

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