Motion Sensing Camera/Processor, Non-Ferrous, Non-RF Interfering. Mounts Outside of Magnet Bore.

The CAV-III Cortical Activity Viewer.

The fiber optic brush optodes yield more reliable signals for subjects with hair.

fMRI Detected Activation Area Increased 3.5 Times Using HT-1000 Motion System

The MRRA Inc. model HT-1000 motion system enabled an increase in fMRI voxel count from 171 to 591 in a recent research program, an increase of 3.5 times. The instrument provided tracking data for subject motion, which was used as a regressor for analysis in SPM. This provided the high levels of increased sensitivity. Details of the research and system were presented at the 2013 Human Brain Mapping Conference in Seattle, WA. A copy of the poster presentation may be seen here.

The single-camera optical tracking system installs outside the magnet bore. The instrument is simple to use and non-interfering with existing experimental protocols. The camera may be positioned behind a two-way mirror and thus remain invisible to the subject. The system is comprised of an IR illuminator, an optical IR camera with built-in DSP processor, a dot-shaped reflector, a video monitor, a palmtop computer and a triggering interlink. The IR illuminator provides an invisible IR-LED source that is reflected by an adhesive dot reflector mounted on the subject's head; the optical camera picks up the reflected IR light from the dot reflector and calculates the dot position with an RMS error of less than 0.05 mm at a typical measurement rate of 40 Hz. The camera digitally transmits the position data to a palmtop computer, which logs the position data for use as a regressor in SPM analysis.

Introducing the CAV-III Cortical Activity Viewer

Intended for use by researchers, the patent-pending CAV-III fNIRS continues MRRA Inc.'s award-winning line of fNIRS instruments. The unit features our unique hair penetrating optodes, which have been shown to increase signal levels by a factor of 10 and increase success rates from about 50% to about 100% for subjects with hair. The paper documenting our brush-optode performance may be viewed here.

This instrument is for research by qualified researchers and under their direct supervision with IRB approval.

  • DC Power and Eye-Safe LEDs Simplify IRB Approval
  • Includes Data Conversion to Homer .nirs Format
  • Low Introductory Pricing

MRRA Inc. Information

Our mission at MRRA Inc. is to support medical researchers with cutting edge measurement products. Our chief areas of concentration are in-scanner MRI patient motion tracking and fNIRS scanners. We have recently expanded out product line to include a portable battery operated fNIRS scanner with wireless data transfer for true mobile capability. We strive for the success of our customers by providing robust and reliable measurement results.

MRRA Inc. was established in April 2009 to provide a conduit for leading edge measurement systems research to end users in the medical research field. Call our seasoned applications engineers today with your medical research measurement problem.

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